Sunday, December 12, 2010

Disaster master!

We were at the Rose street market today for our second time, the sky was blue in the early morning, the air filled with excitement for Christmas, today was going to be a good day.
Unfortunately it rained cats and dogs and rabbits. Lucky for us we had a small shabby umbrella to keep our stock dry, with the exception of all the holes in it giving us the gift of never ending drops. This umbrella was courtesy of rose st but seemed a little out of place among the other forms of "protection from the elements" other stall holders were given. It seems we had the worst spot (i guess someone has to have the dodge area, right?) we had a drain next to us that was overflowing and made a miniature flood at our feet and were the only ones (apart from Mr no umbrella who had a stall next to us) to not have some kind of suitable shield from the rain. Sad to say but we had to leave.

If you missed us this week we will be back to give it another shot next week...well, we have to, we've already paid for the stall...

Same time, same place, no rain (fingers crossed!)
Check previous blog for map.

x Erin: the bitter individual who wrote this blog.

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