Monday, June 28, 2010

Im a 'fan' of Knickers

I have been working on a new style of bow, i call it 'the fan'...yeah, i know so original haha.

This bow will feature on some new knickers we are creating with this cute vintage floral fabric! Awwwwww!

x Erin

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rabbit eyes very Pretty, and the rabbits nose so sweet

Look at this little sweet post card i found at southbank. The artist is called Elise Hurst and she has an exhibition on now at 'No-Vacancy Gallery' Melbourne.

x Erin

BambiLion Blogging at last.

Hanna and I thought it was time to give BambiLion a blog life, I mean who doesn't like blogs? what a ridiculous question.
We will keep you up to date with all things fabric, ribbons, new styles and markets, plus all the cute things we come across in everyday life. :)
You can also follow us on Facebook! wow-ee.

So, what is BambiLion? If you already know, then way-to-go! you win a free pair of knickers!
...Not really. Sorry.

BambiLion Lingerie was launched in May 2007, by Hanna and Erin.
Our first burst of inspiration came in our hometown of Castlemaine when we were in target and saw the tipple 6 pack of woman's briefs, delicate floral patterns on such unattractive no-shape knickers. At that point we where inspired to bring back those florals and other lovely designs in a new and modern way, so we started BambiLion.
Think luxurious fabrics, beautiful laces, adorable buttons, and cute bows.
Hanna and I make every pair in our little lounge room, so you know each one is made with love and hard work.
We try to make each creation unique, even if its just a change of bow or button colour.

x Hanna & Erin